Life Update 4

I am so happy to be back!!! To y’all it seems like I was never gone, but I haven’t been on here for a week. I figured I would go ahead and give y’all a little life update. I thought I could do these periodically do give you all a little insight into my life. So, this may be pretty random, but I am just writing stuff as it comes to me.

I would first like to say that Boy Meets World is the best TV show ever, and I still watch it whenever I can. Anyway, I was at the beach this past week, and that is why I wasn’t on the blog. My very best friend Katherine went with me and despite the rain we actually had a lot of fun. The good thing about it being overcast was we really didn’t get burned. Well I did after Katherine left on Saturday. I literally have a Sperry burn on my feet! I did want to share one thing with you though. Katherine and I met this really nice boy at the beach who invited us to his families bonfire that night, and I have to tell you they had built the coolest thing out of the sand. They said they just searched sand pit couch on Pinterest and this popped up. It took them about five hours to make, but I have to say it turned out really nice.  Here is a picture of it from Pinterest and some more pictures from the beach:




While I was at the beach Lizzie’s mom texted me and wanted to know if I wanted a backpack they had ordered that was too big for Lizzie. Of course I said absolutely because God knows I need a new backpack. I had to laugh at the picture she sent me because the backpack is almost as big as Lizzie!


Now I hate to do this but let’s talk school for a minute. I am going to be a sophomore next year and to be honest I’m nervous. I think I’m more nervous this year then I was to be a freshman. To give you a little background on my school, I go to a very small, like less than 450 kids, private school. There are less than 100 kids in my grade, and I came from the largest feeder school, so going into freshman year I knew I would have people I knew in abut every class. This year I am just nervous about the academic side of things and trying to balance everything. I am taking Pre-AP classes, taking four dance classes, assisting with two dance classes, writing for the Smart Girls Group blog aka The Loop, writing for Smart Girls Group Smart Mail, writing my own blog, being active in clubs at school, and trying to keep a social life. The good thing is I like to stay busy! Are any of you nervous about school next year?

On to a more interesting topic, we are in the middle of re-doing my room. We have repainted my wall, moved out a bookshelf, and built a new nightstand. When my room is completely done I will put up a post and plenty of pictures for y’all.


I also wanted to share with y’all two fun Linkups I will be participating in in early August.

Pattern Party Linkup on August 5th hosted by The Trendy Chick.

Back to Beauty Linkup on August 9th hosted by Prep on a Budget and Memphis Made.

Also, any young Bloggers should check out Private School Prepster‘s new blogging community- Fab Girl Bloggers

Finally, I have really exciting news!! Soon I will have a coupon code for Shop Fishie just for my lovely readers!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Life Update

  • Hannah

    Sophomore year is a breeze! Freshman year is so, so much harder than sophomore year. Think of tenth grade as a nice little break before you take the plunge into your junior year! If you want a heads up on teachers or classes just let me know! As for all of your outside activities, you’ll do great! Its great that you’re keeping all of it up, it’ll look amazing on you resume and every college you apply to will be fighting over you! I love you! Stay fabulous, girl!

  • Jamie

    I’m sure you are totally going to rock sophomore year! I’m going into senior year now but I totally remember being so nervous for sophomore year – somehow it seems so much more daunting than freshman year because it gets more challenging. But I promise you can definitely get through it.

    • carrieonblogs Post author

      Exactly it is like now that you know what’s coming it is worse! By the way you are going to do amazing senior year. Love your blog!