An Intro To Sunday Reflections

By now you have probably read the title and think I am crazy because it is Saturday, not Sunday. (I’m not crazy I promise!) I wanted today to do a very quick intro to my new Sunday Reflections series. I am trying to think ahead to the school year and work out a posting schedule, and I am thinking I may post during the week then take off weekends. As I thought about that more I really wanted to try and get up a small post, either Saturday, or Sunday – thus Sunday Reflections is born.

I love Pinterest. (I swear this makes a connection!) One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is my Words of Wisdom board. Sunday Reflection will be a quick post that goes up Sunday night, and consists of a quote or saying that I truly love and inspires me. I will then reflect on said quote. I hope this will be a nice way for me to still be present on my blog during the weekends, and a nice way for y’all to end your Sunday.

Oh! On the weekends I will still be on all my other social media sites of course!       Pinterest      Tumblr       Twitter

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