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Wow, I can’t believe it is time for another Friday Favorites! I haven’t done too much this week, but for some reason it seemed pretty crazy. We painted my room and bathroom this past weekend, which I will show y’all when it is truly completed. I also hung out with some friends, some that I see all the time, some I hadn’t seen since school ended, and one I hadn’t seen since October so that was pretty great! I hope you enjoy!

1. Smart Girls Group Conference I would like to start with the true highlight of my week- The Smart Girls Group Conference. I wasn’t able to actually go to New York and be there, so I was thrilled when I heard they would be live streaming the event. I was able to see a few speakers and panels and it was truly inspiring!


2. Smart Mail On the topic of Smart Girls Group I recently joined the Style Editorial section for Smart Mail. I have been writing for their blog, Smart Girl’s Loop, for a few months now and was thrilled to be doing more for them.


3. Capuchina Dress from anthropologie I saw this maxi dress while browsing the anthropologie website and fell in love. I think this dress would be so great for summer, and I am loving that gorgeous blue right now.


4. Oreo Cheesecake Bites Let us all take a moment of silence to drool over how delicious these look. I mean what could be better??? I may just have to make these soon…

5. This quote– I think about my future everyday, or at least what I hope it will be, and it gets me very motivated! As long as a have a goal or a dream I will never stop working towards it.

6. Rose Print Jackie Capri by Kate Spade I am usually not a big pattern person, especially on pants, but for some reason I love these! I would never buy them (way too expensive), but it never hurts to look at them right?

I am starting a new little thing to put at the end of my Friday Favorites post, and it is a list of all the posts from the past week. The week will be starting the Saturday after the last Friday Favorites and going until this post.

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