What Is In My Beach Bag

My family and I are going to the beach soon and honestly I don’t know if I am excited or not. The seaweed at the beach right now is disgusting! But hey, blogging makes me happy so I was hoping writing this post will get me more excited. Today I also watched The Smart Girls Group Conference and it was so inspiring! I feel so honored to be in an amazing group with all these girls. Anyway lets get on with the post!


This is what I use as my beach bag. It is the Lilly Pulitzer Market Bag. I love it because it is so big I can fit everything, plus a towel in it.


The one thing everybody needs when they go to the beach- a bathing suit of course! I love getting mine from Target because they are so cute and not ridiculously expensive. I also always bring a cover-up. I prefer a fishing shirt, because they are big and it dries quickly. (I really want to monogram the back of mine.)


Along with a bathing suit and cover everyone needs a towel and some shoes! I have no idea where my mom got these towels from, but of course any towel is great. I wear my Jacks or just some cheap flip-flops when I am on the beach.


Also, you need the essentials- sunscreen, a brush, a hair clip, and detangler. These are my beach essentials at least. Sunscreen because I am extremely fair skinned, a clip just to pull my hair up, and a brush and detangler because my hair gets very unruly.


This is my second round of essentials- sunglasses with a Lilly Pulitzer strap, lip balm, and hair ties. These are actually my mom’s sunglasses from the 80’s, and honestly, who doesn’t love the Lilly strap?! I don’t think I am the only one whose lips get really dry at the beach (at least I hope not), and this Korres Lip Butter is the perfect solution. Last but not least- hair ties. I have to have them because if I am tanning I hate having that hair clip dig into my head.




Who doesn’t love to have some great magazines and books to read at the beach? These are my favorite magazines, and these are the books I am reading right now. Their Eyes Were Watching God is a book I am having to read for school, and hating it by the way, for the simple reason of not being able to understand the characters when they talk (if you have read this you hopefully understand). Enchantment is an Audrey Hepburn biography. I had to do a project on her in school this is way the book has tabs sticking out of it, but it is very good and I am enjoying going over her life again.


Most importantly bring water! It is so important to stay hydrated, especially when you are out in the sun all day.


I hope you enjoyed and have fun wherever you are going for the rest of the summer.




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