“The September Issue”

Vogue.  Vogue is the magazine that even if you have no interest in fashion, you have heard of Vogue. Vogue is the most popular fashion magazine in the United States. In 2006 a critic from the New York Times said Vogue was “the world’s most influential fashion magazine”. A magazine can not get to that status without a powerful leader. In 2007 the Executive Fashion Director- Candy Pratts Price said ” You belong to this church.. and I would say Anna is the Pope”. Then publisher Tom Florio said he can not think of a part of the fashion industry Anna is not involved in. In 2007 there was a documentary done about what goes into the September Issue of Vogue, that documentary is The September Issue. love this documentary and watch it all the time i.e. twelve o’clock last night. Anyone who is interest in the fashion industry should watch this! Today I thought I would share some quotes from Anna and Grace to give you a little motivation on this Monday.



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Anna Wintour    editor-in-chief of American Vogue

Grace Coddington   creative director of American Vogue



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