Friday Favorites 1

This week was pretty busy because I was at the dance studio all week. I am actually looking forward to next week because I am not doing a darn thing! I hope y’all enjoyed last weeks “special edition” post. 🙂

1. Ava Tie-Dye Suede Pumps in Warm Iris- 


I talked about the other pair of Ava Pumps on Wednesday. I found this pair a little later and fell in love! I am normally not a tie-dye person, but the cute pattern on the heel balances everything out.



3. India- 


I really don’t have much interest is visiting a lot of Asia, but I would really like to go to India. Don’t get me wrong I am still in love with Greece, but seriously India is gorgeous.

4. Mini Tart Cheesecakes- 


First off, these things look adorable and extremely delicious! I think they would be so cute to serve at a little 4th of July party.

5. This Kitchen- 


The mix of all the blues and whites go perfectly together. I would love to, someday, have a kitchen this beautiful and clean. 🙂



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