Disney World Days 1-3

The Disney World posts will be split up into two parts- days 1-3 and days 4-6. We went with our amazing close family friends! Our family friends have a little girl, Lizzie, who has never been to Disney before, and was obviously very excited. My family has been several times before, but honestly I get really excited whenever we go.

This was Lizzie’s first plane ride, and I guess you could say she loved take off and landing. IMAG0346

I needed some Starbucks that early in the morning!


We took the Magical Express from the airport to Disney, so we did not have to worry about our luggage.

Once we checked into our resort we hopped on a bus and headed to Epcot. IMG_4346

Sunday Rides in Epcot

Spaceship Earth– This was the first ride we did, and it was an all around crowd pleaser. It kind of takes you back in time, which sounds lame, but I promise it’s awesome! There is also a really fun interactive part at the end that is sure to make you laugh.

Soarin’– This is the most awe-inspiring ride in all of Disney World! This is an absolute MUST RIDE. It is a simulation ride where you feel like you are on a hang-glider soaring over California. This is one of the very few rides that people actually feel compelled to clap when it’s over. I honestly can’t tell y’all how amazing this ride is.

The Seas With Nemo & Friends– This ride is cute, but not one you have to go on. One tip is never to fast pass this. Every time we have gone we have literally been able to just walk right on the ride.

Gran Fiesta Tour– This, again, is a cute ride, but in my opinion, it’s just cute- nothing special.

Sunday Dinner

San Angel Inn Restaurante– First, I would like to say that I felt horrible this night because I was incredibly sleep deprived, so I really can’t comment on the food. I will say this; it is VERY dark, VERY crowded, and VERY loud. Not our favorite. San-Angel-Inn-new-500x332 via

Monday morning we went back to Epcot and walked around the World Showcase for most of the morning. Around noon we went to “America” to eat lunch. IMG_4340

God Bless America for always having food we will eat.

Later in the afternoon we went to Animal Kingdom.

Monday Afternoon Rides

Kali River Rapids– WARNING!!! You will get soaked from head to toe, so if you don’t like being wet bring a rain poncho to wear. This was a fun ride, a little short, but really fun. Lines can be long so try and get Fastpass.

Finding Nemo- The Musical- We weren’t sure how good it was going to be, but the musical was pretty amazing. There are some parts that could be scary for little kids, but if they have seen the movie they will be fine.

Expedition Everest- This is by far my favorite roller coaster in all of Disney. I love the part the goes backwards, it’s intense, but not too scary. I really encourage everyone to go on it.

Monday Dinner

Yak and Yeti- We had never eaten dinner in Animal Kingdom before, so we decide to eat at one of Animal Kingdom’s sit down restaurants- Yak and Yeti. They have really great Asian food, and everyone was able to find something they really liked. We are definitely going back, and I would recommend it to everyone. IMAG0810

 My Crispy Honey Chicken

Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and headed over to Magic Kingdom. We had early reservations for breakfast at The Crystal Palace, so we got to get in the park early when there was barely anyone there.


Tuesday Morning Rides 

Lines were very long so we didn’t get to do too much.

Splash Mountain– This was my first “big kid” ride I rode at Disney when I was nine, so it is one of my favorites. The ride is a pretty calm ride until the end. The big drop is obviously the main part of the ride. It is a five-story drop which most of us loved, but Lizzie was not a fan. This one is really fun, but maybe not the best for littler kids.

Big Thunder Mountain– I think this is a great “starter” roller coaster for people who have never been on one before. There aren’t any big drops or anything scary. Lizzie LOVED it, and had her arms in the air the whole time -along with a big smile on her face. 🙂

Haunted Mansion– This is another one of my absolute favorites, but I was worried about how Lizzie would react. We let her know before we went in that none of it was real, and I think that is a really good idea to tell any young kids. Once we told her that it was make believe I think she got to relax and appreciate how amazing the mansion is. It was actually in the running for her favorite ride.

We then went back to Epcot for some late afternoon rides and dinner.

Tuesday Afternoon Rides

Soarin’– We just had to go again.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment– This is a cute ride for littler kids, but we all enjoyed it. It has short lines, so I would ride it if your kid were under 8-or just wanted to waste some time.

Living With The Land- Lizzie really enjoyed this ride because of the fish and the flowers. It may not be the most thrilling ride but it is air-conditioned, pretty, and interesting.

Maelstrom- The Maelstrom is a Norwegian ride that tells you part of Norweigh’s history. This ride can be scary to young kids because most of the ride has to do with trolls. This is another good way to waste some time between Fastpasses, or before dinner.

Tuesday Dinner

Via Napoli– Via Napoli is an Italian restaurant that is mainly a pizzeria, but also has some really great classic Italian meals. I had the Candele and it was AMAZING! I had finished about half of it before I remembered I should take a picture, so it didn’t happen-sorry. 🙂 We got four of the six desserts and all shared. They were extremely delicious! IMG_4336

Finally I had to share this photo with y’all. How cute is this picture of Lizzie and Piglet at the Crystal Palace during breakfast!



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