Friday Favorites #2

I am sorry about the lack of posts this week. I was on vacation, and my Wi-Fi was not good at all. I was also a genius (not) and completely forgot to bring all of my cords that connect my devices to my computer. Anyway, lets get on with my Friday Favorites (that is already two days late). Sorry!

1. Lilly Pulitzer Stores tumblr_n70lqdGwJV1qldy2xo1_500

I, like most southern girls, love Lilly Pulitzer. However, I have never been to a Lilly store. Anytime I buy something I have to order it online. I really enjoy seeing the pictures of all the stores online. They look perfect!

2. Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt Blue-Beauty-Breakfast-Smoothie

I have been looking at a lot of different recipes on Pinterest for smoothies and frozen yogurt, and they all look so good! Smoothies and frozen yogurt are great because they are yummy, healthy, and something you can probably make at home. My mom made us blueberry smoothies a week ago and they were delicious! Maybe I should make a post with some recipes!

3. Inslee Haynes shoe-photographerINSLEE1

I found Inslee’s illustrations about a year ago and have been obsessed ever since. Everything she draws is just perfect and transports me to a glamorous yet relaxed world. I have several of her illustrations all around my room, study, and the background of my website.

4. Greece  1e0e230cadd4f386300879e9a3fd95aa

Greece is the one place I just HAVE to go. I have been itching to go to Greece for a while now, and I am hoping to go sometime after I graduate high school. The gorgeous blue water and the whitewash buildings- stunning!

5.This Quote  cc2de0ce2142674d97251d3905180506

This is perfect for me! I have many quotes all throughout my room, and this quote will soon be joining the wall. I tend to be an over thinker, and often second-guess myself. I am learning that I just need to trust myself, and sometimes that means diving in headfirst and just hoping that I fly.

6. My Vacation noname

My family, along with our good family friends, just got home from our weeklong trip to Disney World, hence why this post is SO late. There will be several posts about our trip coming out soon!





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